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Prints & Donations

Do you like what you see here in these online art galleries? Would you like to support my ability to create more art for you and others to enjoy by either purchasing prints of the artworks you have seen or by sending a donation? This page will explain how you can go about that. (Info about donations and the donation buttons are found further down this page.)

Digital 3D artworks are not cheap to produce. In addition to the unbelievable amount of time and effort required, there is also the required computer hardware, specialized software and programs, 3D models, design resources, etc. and all that costs a lot of money. I am not a rich person; far from it to be honest. I need your help to continue creating the various artworks you see on this website.

Artwork Prints

You can help by purchasing high quality prints of the artworks you see on this website direct from Dream 9 Art. Fine Art Prints start at just $12 for an 8″x10″ and can be printed in sizes up to 20 inches on the shortest side. Prints are also available as metal prints and mounted canvas. Please send me a message via the form at right to inquire about print prices. Just let me know what artworks you are interested in acquiring and in what size (small is about 8×10″, medium is about 11×14″, and large is about 16×20″, usually). I’ll be posting a full price list soon along with listing select prints at Etsy.

To find out about Donations, keep scrolling down this page…


You can also help by sending a donation of any amount through PayPal to Dream 9 Art. Anything you can afford to donate would be greatly appreciated. 100% of all donations go straight into supporting my art and creative projects. All donations are handled securely through PayPal. Use the Donate button below to make any size contribution amount. Everything is appreciated and every little bit helps immeasurably!

Secured by PayPal

You can also donate through my new Ko-fi page! The great thing about Ko-fi is that they do not take any fees out of the donations so you can be sure I’ll get 100% of what you send to me. You can use either the button below or the floating button on the bottom left to send a donation via Ko-Fi. I assure you, it’s just as safe as PayPal and much better than Patreon!