Dream 9 Art is Unveiled

Welcome to the new Dream 9 Art! Starting today, June 09, 2022 (which happens to be the 16th anniversary of when Dream 9 Studios was founded) Dream 9 Studios will now be known as Dream 9 Art I even have a new URL to go with the name change, dream9.art will be the new domain for Dream 9 Art. The old domain, d9s.co, will still redirect to this website for a while.

Why the change? It was past time for something new. I’ve been wanting to change the “Studios” part for quite a while but couldn’t decide what to replace it with until recently. When I found that the domain dream9.art was available, I had my answer. I have been and will be changing all of my usernames across the internet from Dream 9 Studios to Dream 9 Art wherever possible. I also updated my hummingbird logo to include a flower as part of my rebranding. 

I’ll be creating new art soon; life is just a little too difficult at the moment but hopefully things will improve at least a little bit, hopefully soon. I certainly have plenty of ideas and I’ve been watching a lot of Star Wars (rewatching The Mandalorian right now) so I’d love to create some new Jedi-inspired artworks or something along those lines. As long as I’m able to get back to work on my art, any art, very soon I’ll be happy again. 

That’s all for now. Thank you for viewing and I hope you will return soon to Dream 9 Art.